Meteorites finish season at Wootton Bassett

The Meteorites ended their 2017-18 league campaign with a 25-12 25-17 25-23 defeat at Royal Wootton Bassett. Against a team comprised only of men (and as Richard pointed out their smallest player was almost as tall as our tallest player) it was always going to be a tough match. Things did not start well as Bassett raced into a 10-1 lead before we called a time-out. After that the Meteorites played to their strengths and produced a very good performance from which they can consider themselves unlucky to not win the third set. Harriet Adams was the MVP having produced some ferocious hitting in the second and third sets.

It means that Meteorites end the season bottom of division 1 but having produced some fantastic performances in the second half of the season.