Youngsters impress against Olympiad

Although the Meteorites lost to Olympiad B it was their youngsters who caught the eye when the starting six for the third set was Harriet, Ben, Toby, Chessie, Anji and the most senior David. Not only were they young but physically much shorter than the players at Olympiad’s disposal. However they were not short on skill and pushed Olympiad all the way as they kept the ball flying and causing mayhem as they started to find gaps in Olympiad’s own defences. MVP was Harriet while Neil and Marketa were the remaining players.

Combined junior and adults training session

There will be a combined junior and adults training session on Friday (12 February) starting at 7PM and finishing approximately half past eight followed by a shortened adults session.

We are planning a session that will include playing mini-volleyball (the format played at junior level) as this is something the adults do not normally see and there are a couple of junior teams playing that format in a grand-prix the following day in Plymouth.

Comets back to winning ways

Weekday evening matches can sometimes be tricky as it is often the case that some players are unavailable due to work commitments. For the trip to Lavington School to face Devizes Barrels, the Comets had to start the match without a regular middle player, as Andy Smith was unavailable and Jörg Steimer was delayed. Despite these problems the Comets were never troubled by the Barrels and won 25-10 25-16 25-12 with captain Matt Morten voted MVP.

Despite losing to Salisbury Druids, the Comets still top the league having played more matches than their rivals, although unbeaten Druids appear to have lost some points for administrative reasons as they are eight points behind Comets with only one match in hand.