Jenny coaches BBC presenter live

If you are a BBC radio presenter with the challenge of trying as many Olympic sports as possible while the Olympic Games are taking place in Rio then you are going to want to try volleyball. Of course you need a coach to teach you the basics and convey to your listeners that volleyball is a fun sport. That is what happened this morning on BBC Radio Oxford and who was the coach?

Step forward Jenny Boorman from Calne Comets.

Despite only have a few minutes before going on air, Jenny managed to teach the presenter Lilley Mitchell enough about volleyball that she mentioned making a flat surface with her arms when digging and creating a star (well close enough Jenny normal refers to a diamond shape) in front of her forehead when setting – concepts that we recognise from Jenny’s sessions here in Calne. It all sounded good fun and you can listen to the recording on iPlayer for the next 30 days (the bit with Jenny starts at time 02:22:15).