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Outdoor League starts

The first matches in the outdoors league have been completed.

In the first division, Calne Fusion had a tough initial match against Dutch Courage (from Devizes) losing 0-4.

It was a similar start in the second division for Calne Top Knots against Bassett Back On Court while Calne X won their opening match against Chippy-Mc-Chipface and then drew against The Young and Middle Aged.

Wiltshire 4 League

The Wiltshire Volleyball Association has proposed running an outdoor league once the lockdown restrictions are eased.

Information about the league was emailed out to players by Cliff Ball but is repeated here:

I have some exciting news! With the announcement that organised outdoor sport can begin from March 29th, I have agreed with Steve and the rest of the Wiltshire Volleyball Committee to run an outdoor volleyball league from the beginning of April to around end of May/ into June until completion.

I know most of the volleyball world doesn’t play outdoors until at least May normally so this will be a little different as you may need an extra top, leggings and definitely some shoes with good grip! But let’s just make the best of what’s on offer.

Paul Escott has kindly agreed to administer the tournament and entry details (incl cost) are at the bottom of this e-mail.

Here’s the format – a little different to the norm but it should make it interesting 🙂
There will be 3 divisions to enter:
Div 1 – Any team (all men, mixed or all ladies) can enter this but it is geared towards Premier Div standard (don’t let that stop you entering)
Div 2 – Any team can enter thus but this is aimed at Div 1 teams (..again men, mixed or ladies)
Ladies Div – Aimed at ladies and under 16 boys who are capable of playing at this standard
Teams of 4 players to be registered, not 5 please, as the aim is not to have substitutions! Matches to be 4 people only with no subs. If a player cannot make a match, the team can borrow a player. If injury occurs (god forbid) then the team can play on with 3 people. I want this to concentrate on 4….. Wiltshire 4’s is competition name. 4 people per team and 4 sets. This will focus teams.
If player cannot make a game another player (even a player from another team) can play in their place. If not registered for ‘any team’ the player can be registered on the day and pay fee immediately.
Teams can be made up from your club …or individual 4 players from different clubs (note this is aimed at players from inside Wiltshire not far and wide)
Match is 4 sets to 21 pts; 2 points clear capped at 23 points. Therefore a draw is possible.
One compulsory time out of 60 seconds at 11 points to clean the ball, posts, net etc. No other time outs.
Normal volleyball rules apply including service rotation but any player can attack and block, e.g, server could serve and then go to front court and block or spike in that same rotation.
Only beach style tipping is allowed, i.e. Knuckle, snake, cut, but no tipping as such with the flats of the fingers (you get the picture) ….volley dumps are allowed though.
There will preferably be a ref and scorer, who will sanitise the ball, net, posts etc during the breaks. However, a ref and scorer is not essential as teams can self-referee. I wouldn’t want any games called off due to no officials.
Covid Guidance will apply throughout and I will send out a ‘common Covid statement’ before the competition begins, which all players, participants must adhere to. Anyone disregarding the instructions ot found to be in breach will be disqualified from the match and competition!
There will be 4 venues which you must selectas your preferred home venue from where to play your matches – Coate Water Park (Sand court!) – Lydiard Park (Near Swindon) – Calne (The Rec) – Devizes (Poulshot)
Therefore the playing surface will be grass or sand court on a Full size court at Men’s height – Div 1 & 2, and Ladies height – Ladies Div
Both teams are to complete a ‘simple’ score sheet collating info with the opposing team; both teams will scan and send the result to Paul Escott on completion of the match – No score sheet NO POINTS!
Paul will send out scoresheet format at some point, which you will need to print off.
Paul will keep results and update regularly using Excel based speadsheet
Interested? Hopefully the answer is YES of course!

Please send e-mail to Paul Escott and cc me with the following info: –
Team name – Anything within reason
Team Manager – Contact name, tel no and e-mail
Team players – 4 players only per team (if you need to register someone new if someone drops out then you must pay £2. Remember only 4 can be registered at the start)
Preferred playing day and time – For example Mon to Thu 6.30 and Sunday after 10.00am (suggest start time is 6.30 in April due to light)
Preferred Venue – Several if you wish from Coate – Lydiard – Devizes – Calne (we will ensure directions are provided for all venues). If Coate is not available when you arrive due to someone else using the sand court then I would expect you to play on grass nearby)
Payment – £10 per team and £2 per player – total £18 per team (extra players must register and pay if not already. If a team is made up from players from one club then payment will be invoiced by Karolina to the club. If teams are made up form players form different clubs then I will sort out payment collection from you.

There will certainly be questions but hopefully most is covered. I want it to be simple, fun and slightly different to the norm but obviously with safety in mind as we are still not out of the woods regarding Covid and all the guidleines that go with this.

I will ask for common sense and some flexibility. There may be inclement weather and the odd disagreement but ideally I would like you to resolve this at the match. Only if necessary please defer to Paul and me as tournament managers.

I look forward to seeing your entries soonest. Any queries let me know. And please stay safe.